”.The Department of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution, Government of India celebrated the World Consumer Rights Day 2017 with the theme “Consumer Rights in digital age ”on 15th March2017

It was a different consumer day than other years celebrated at Vigyan Bhawan on 22nd of March 2015 too focusing on health and safety of food emerging into basic question of “swachata And Slogan Was Swasth Bharat Swacch Bharat, it gave an impression that entire country is moving towards a new consumerism with innovative ideas, not confined to bazaar and purchases. But this time it was amazing, everything weaved with Modi ideas. Our Prime Minister has initiated number of moves which are roped around every citizen of the country .So was the mood of Consumer Ministry and Member Judges of the National Commission –MOHE RANG DE RANG DE MODI KE RANG .

The issues of the conference were all about we are talking every day ,digital technology ,e-commerce ,less cash system, housing for all, Hindi portal for grievance redressal. Hon’ble Union Minister Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad  in his speech laid stress on focusing on a digitally empowered society instead of digitally enabled society. . He disclosed that India is the biggest user of digital technology with just sixty six lakh transactions in 2103 grown into a massive 1.5 cr per day digital transactions in 2016.

Minister for consumer affairs Sh Ramvilas paswan assured that they are on the right track in facilitating the consumers to harness the full benefits of digitization and putting in place sufficient safeguards against risks associated with the online world.

On the theme Consumer Rights in digital age Shri R. Chandershekar, President, NASSCOM in his theme address a detailed the impact of digital technology on everything that is around us, consumer behavior and lifestyle etc. He mentioned social media as best consumer protection channels for reviews of products. He suggested adopting best international practices for tackling and minimizing risk of digital technology.

Shri Hem Pande Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs mentioned. That the Government is coming up with a new Consumer Protection Bill and relevant Rules and Regulations will be notified  after its enactment that will adequately address the issues of jurisdiction, scope of liability, executive action against unfair trade practices as well as alternate dispute resolution.

SmtRekha Gupta Member NCDRC mentioned that Security breaches, privacy data protection have become important areas that need attention to provide better consumer protection. She mentioned about many complaints received in consumer fora on e-commerce and on digital financial products like cloning of ATM cards, electronics transfer of funds and unauthorized withdrawal of money. She hoped that with the new provisions in the proposed CP Act amendment bill, many of the unfair trade practices and unfair terms and conditions of contract and digital fraud could be effectively tackled.

Shri C.R Chaudhary,Hon’ble Union Minister of State believed that recent promotion of less cash economy by the Government has opened new opportunities to millions of Indians to cross the digital divide and avail the vast potential offered by the digital economic grid.Hon’ble Prime Minister's move to incentivize digital payments was much a subject of talk on the day and considered it the key element of the financial systems in the digital world but data security, privacy, safety and grievance Redressal was also deep concern


The National Building Code was launched on the occasion which contains provisions on use of new/innovative materials and technologies and on prefabricated construction techniques that can give fillip to speedier construction to meet the objectives of Housing for All by 2022

New initiatives of the Department on consumer grievance redressal and consumer education, leveraging new age technologies were  launched which included a Hindi portal and web chat for grievance redressal, mobile App for CONFONET ( consumer for a network, a project that connects all Fora in the country and monitor the cases online)

It was all about policies and plans of the present Govt .for the benefit of citizens of india.Since every citizen is one way or the other a consumer in day to day life and we are talking about consumers rights, the ultimate focus is obviously consumers.



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