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APRIL 2017


LAW SOON TO ENSURE DOCTORS PRESCRIBE CHEAPER GENERIC DRUGS (Professionals deviating from ethical values) Law soon to ensure doctors prescribe cheaper generic drugs ensures Prime Minister. We have no question as to how it will happen because if there is a will to do something, no one can stop it and it should finally be done now. But at the same time we cannot limit our question to doctors, professionals in all fields are deviating from their ethical values and courts on number of occasions pin pointed this issue. We believe ,much more is required to be done by the parliament to make law and rules when we find orders by the courts could be binding only on particular case and others enjoy liberty to continue the same tune

The tie-up of Pharmacies and Doctors

A large quantum of income to the hospitals usually comes from in patients who are sold medicines at MRP at a very high profit margin whereas the same medicines are available at 100-400% less outside. But indoor patients are not allowed to get drugs or consumables from outside.


A study of medical trade practices in Mumbai sponsored by World Health Organization reveals the unethical and illegal trade practices of doctors and drug companies. Pharmaceutical companies sponsor Continuous Medical Education [CME] camps, where they develop personal bonds with the doctors, which they further strengthen with sponsored cocktail parties and then overseas trips. The net result of such favour ultimately burdens the patients admitted in the hospitals who are prescribed drugs from specific companies that may be much costlier than other brands available outside.

Number of cases came up again before the Apex court by professionals from all the fields and the Hon’ble Supreme court while deciding the matter against medical professionals in a criminal case of Mathew Jacob v State of Punjab 2005 CTJ 1085 SC, held that

“In law of negligence, professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, architects and others are included in the category of persons professing some special skill and professional may be held liable for negligence.”