Landmark judgements


 III (2010) CPJ 19 (SC)

Supreme Court of India

Dr. B.S. Chauhan & Swatanter Kumar, JJ.




Civil Appeal No. 6807 of 2008—Decided on 19.7.2010

(i) Consumer Protection Act, 1986 — Sections 2(1)(g), 23 — General Rules of Examination — Clause

17(b) — Education — Refusal to confer B.Ed. degree — District Forum directed appellant to issue decree

and award compensation — Appeal — State Commission set aside order of Forum — Revision before

National Commission again directed appellant to issue degree — Hence Appeal — Non-disclosure of pursuit

of post graduate student in Political Science at the time of filling up of form for B.Ed. course by respondent

— As per Clause 17 of General Rules of Examination, a candidate who is pursuing regular course for aCases referred:

1. Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board v. A. Rajappa & Ors., AIR 1978 SC 548. (Referred)

[Para 6]

2. Union Territory, Chandigarh Admn. & Ors. v. Managing Society, Goswami, GDSDC, (1996) 7 SCC 665. (Relied)

[Para 16]

(ii) Consumer Protection Act, 1986 — Sections 2(1)(d), 11, 23 — General Rules of Examination — Clause 17(b) — Education — Jurisdiction of District Forum — Respondent as a student is neither a consumer nor is appellant rendering any service — Claim of respondent to award B.Ed. degree was almost in the nature of relief praying for direction to appellant to act contrary to its own rules — Appellant is an autonomous body and decision of appellant and statutory provisions to be implemented through its officers — District Forum had no jurisdiction to entertain any such complaint.

[Paras 19 to 21]

Cases referred:

Bihar School Examination Board v. Suresh Prasad Sinha, IV (2009) CPJ 34 (SC)=VII (2009) SLT 109=(2009) 8 SCC 483. (Relied)

[Para 19]

(iii) Precedent — Neither the Court nor any Tribunal has competence to issue a direction contrary to law and act in contravention of statutory provision.

[Paras 9, 10]

Cases referred:

1. State of Punjab & Ors. v. Renuka Singla & Ors., (1994) 1 SCC 175. (Relied)

[Para 10]

2. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation v. Ashrafulla Khan & Ors., I (2002) SLT 193=AIR 2002 SC 629. (Relied)

[Para 11]

3. Manish Goel v. Rohini Goel, I (2010) CLT 341 (SC)=I (2010) DMC 601 (SC)=II (2010) SLT 291=AIR 2010 SC 1099. (Relied)

[Para 12]

(iv) Promissory Estoppel — There can be no estoppel/promissory estoppel against the Legislature in exercise of legislative function nor can Government or public authority be debarred from enforcing statutory prohibition — Promissory estoppel being an equitable doctrine, must yield when equity so requires.

[Para 17]

Cases referred:

1. Union Territory, Chandigarh Admn. & Ors. v. Managing Society, Goswami, GDSDC, (1996) 7 SCC 665. (Relied)

[Para 16]

2. Dr. H.S. Rikhy etc. v. The New Delhi Municipal Committee, AIR 1962 SC 554. (Relied)

[Para 17]

3. M.I. Builders Pvt. Ltd. v. Radhey Shyam Sahu & Ors., III (1999) CLT 188 (SC)=VI (1999) SLT 327=(1999) 6 SCC 464. (Relied)

[Para 17]

4. Shish Ram & Ors. v. State of Haryana & Ors., V (2000) SLT 330=(2000) 6 SCC 84. (Relied)

[Para 17]

5. Chandra Prakash Tiwari & Ors. v. Shakuntala Shukla & Ors., IV (2002) SLT 5=(2002) 6 SCC 127. (Relied)

[Para 17]

6. I.T.C. Ltd. v. Person Incharge, AMC, Kakinada & Ors., I (2004) CLT 589 (SC)=II (2004) SLT 140=AIR 2004 SC 1796. (Relied)

[Para 17]

7. State of U.P. & Anr. v. Uttar Pradesh Rajya Khanij Vikas Nigam Sangharsh Samiti & Ors., V (2008) SLT 499=(2008) 12 SCC 675. (Relied)

[Para 17]

8. Sneh Gupta v. Devi Sarup & Ors., II (2009) SLT 563=II (2009) CLT 84 (SC)=(2009) 6 SCC 194. (Relied)

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